What is Terpy Highs?


Terpy Highs was started in May 2020 for the sole purpose of documenting the process of cultivating and processing cannabis plants. We strive to deliver exceptional content for various types of viewers, whether they are just looking for entertainment, or to learn about new techniques or products.


We are ACMPR Licensed Medical Patients located in Ontario, Canada. So just like you, we understand providing quality medicine to ourselves is very important. Getting started can be overwhelming, but we hope with the content we provide in the form of Video, Images, and Text, that we can guide you along to success.


Our goal is to provide the most valuable content while building a solid community. We hope to have a Licensed Micro Cultivation and Processing Facility here in Ontario, Canada, at some point in the future. This will allow us to share our journey entering the Cannabis Industry. A Micro Licensed Facility allows for the production and processing of cannabis for the purpose of sales, but limits the amount that’s allowed. The Government of Canada introduced this license with hopes of getting smaller businesses to enter the Cannabis Industry. This is still a very large undertaking, but we are ready to work hard and continue to provide great content which will allow us to bring products to the market.